Deliver growth solutions to seed & expansion stage small businesses.

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SMB Intelligence is a mission-driven market intelligence firm providing corporate, investor, government and nonprofit clients with industry-leading insight into the small business sector.
Our Prime Growth Framework is redefining how organizations navigate the sector, providing a turnkey solution to identify, understand and effectively engage with current seed (pre-opening) & expansion stage (high growth) small businesses.
We are the only organization to maintain a national, real-time dataset of current seed and expansion stage small businesses, to focus on understanding their current growth priorities, and to specialize in engaging with them.



Why this matters


New & high growth firms are the small businesses currently most likely to be motivated by growth and receptive to new solutions, to experience substantial growth and to create new jobs.
When small business owners can access a strong support ecosystem they are twice as likely to grow and create new jobs, however there is often a disconnect in the ecosystem.
Owners are challenged to access the right solutions at the right time, particularly those in distressed communities and with underserved owners. Solution providers are challenged to navigate a massive sector where most owners are not growth-motivated, and the vast majority are not receptive to new solutions.
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Gain a powerful new perspective on the small business sector


Prime Growth is used by Fortune 500 companies, innovative private equity and venture capital firms, and North America’s largest economic development agencies.
The framework is also used to support research at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and by MBA students at some of the world’s leading business schools including Stanford and Northwestern, and has been featured in Harvard’s Data-Smart City Solutions.



“Prime Growth is a growth-based classification standard created (by SMB Intelligence) to identify the small businesses currently most likely to experience substantial growth and create new jobs.”
– Harvard’s Data-Smart City Solutions