Building a stronger and more inclusive small business ecosystem.

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SMB Intelligence is a mission-driven market intelligence firm providing government, nonprofit, investor and corporate clients with industry-leading insight into the small business sector.
Through proprietary datasets and innovative strategy we enable our clients to more effectively deliver growth solutions to small business owners, and determine where those solutions can have the largest economic and social impact.
We are the only organization to track the small business sector using growth-based classification, to identify prime growth small businesses and determine their current growth priorities, and to provide built-in socioeconomic insight.
Our Prime Growth Framework is used by North America’s largest economic development agencies, Fortune 500 companies, innovative venture capital and private equity firms, and high-impact nonprofits. The framework is also used to support public policy research by economists at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and by students at Stanford Graduate School of Business.



Why this matters

Small business is crucial to the economic & social well-being of communities1, and owners who can access a strong business ecosystem are twice as likely to grow and create new jobs2. However, there is often a disconnect in the ecosystem3.
It can be a struggle for growth-motivated owners to access the right solutions at the right time4, particularly those in distressed communities5 and with underserved owners6.

Solution providers struggle to navigate the massive sector, as most small businesses are motivated by lifestyle, not growth7, and the vast majority are not receptive to new solutions8, and do not create new jobs9.

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Gain a powerful new perspective

Our bi-weekly Prime Growth Briefing enables solution providers to identify prime growth firms – the small businesses currently most likely to be growth-motivated, receptive to new solutions, and to create new jobs, and also determine which of those firms are in distressed communities and have underserved owners.
We publish several versions of the Briefing to support specific use cases and industries, view them here.

SMB Intelligence

March 19, 2019

This interactive map identifies current prime growth small businesses: independents or small chains, that are employers with a commercial location, currently at a seed (new, pre-opening) or expansion (high growth) development stage. View the map here.



Developed by SMB Intelligence in 2018, Prime Growth is a growth-based classification standard for the small business sector. Gain a powerful new perspective by using current development stage, growth format and growth scale to categorize small firms.
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The Prime Growth Approach is a nine-step model to more effectively deliver growth solutions to small business owners and increase the economic & social impact of those solutions.
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“Prime Growth is a growth-based classification standard created (by SMB Intelligence) to identify the small businesses currently most likely to experience substantial growth and create new jobs.”

– Harvard’s Data-Smart City Solutions



The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

SMB Intelligence is committed to helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – 17 goals for a better world by 2030, set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015.
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Supporting Public Policy

We provide access to the Prime Growth Framework to select academics, including economists at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and students at Stanford Graduate School of Business, to support public policy initiatives that benefit small business owners.
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Integrating Best-In-Class Suppliers

While most suppliers act in the best interests of owners, a substantial number are focused on delivering low quality solutions in an unethical manner. Our Small Business Supplier Alliance is an economic development initiative to increase the number of new & high growth small businesses utilizing best-in-class suppliers.
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Directing Capital to Small Businesses in Opportunity Zones

SMB Intelligence is a member of the national Opportunity Zones Coalition, led by Economic Innovation Group. Opportunity Zones are a new federal economic development program expected to drive $100 billion of investment into distressed communities.
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