The Prime Growth Framework

Powerful perspective, datasets, and strategy to more effectively deliver growth solutions to small business owners and increase the economic and social impact of those solutions.
The framework consists of three elements: Prime Growth Classification, The Prime Growth Briefing, and the Prime Growth Approach.


A powerful new perspective

Prime Growth Classification

Developed by SMB Intelligence in 2018 and the foundation of the framework, Prime Growth is a growth-based classification standard for the small business sector.
Growth-based classification uses development stage, growth format and growth scale to categorize firms rather than traditional small business segmentation (revenues, company age, company size, and digital engagement).
The purpose of the standard is to identify current prime growth firms and segment them by their current growth priorities.
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Innovative datasets

The Prime Growth Briefing

A bi-weekly dataset that identifies current prime growth firms, segments them based on their current growth priorities, and provides deep insight into their current status through 60 innovative data points including job creation and built-in social impact insights.
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Strategic insight

The Prime Growth Approach

A ten-step model to understand why and how to implement Prime Growth Classification and the Briefing into your organization.
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